Constantly hungry for the run & always hungry from the run.

Hi! My name is Wendy and this is my story. I live in Southern California with my husband Paul and Nani #17, our dog. Both vie for the top spot in my heart. It's a cute competition and one that will never end.

I'm a runner that bakes or a baker that runs, neither of which come naturally to me (nor are they my day-job). Temporally, I started "running" before I started baking. My baking journey is a little more straight forward, so I will start there.  I started a fairly successful baking blog in 2008 with followers and sponsors, but with a full-time job and really no patience and time to take perfect pictures of my food at the perfect time of day to create the perfect blog post, I slowly started blogging less and less and wrote my last post in 2012. The blog started as a way to document my journey on learning to bake and cook and ended up being a great way to meet others in the food blogging community.

As an adult, I've always been pretty fit. As a child, I wasn't involved in sports or athletics. I was a typical active child of the 80's (meaning we were able to roam free and play around the neighborhood). In college, I started using the school gym for cardio equipment and aerobics/group exercise classes. While in grad school, I started taking and  fell in love with group cycle/"spin" classes. I would occasionally try running with friends, but nothing too serious (like a race). I pretty much kept fit with 5-6 cycle classes a week. 

My town hosts a half-marathon and starting in 2007 I would run it without training. I saw it has a challenge and relied on my general fitness  to finish. Because of this race, I would receive notice every year from a local marathon training group about the new training season. Usually I would read it and recycle. Flash forward to Summer 2010. After going through some major life events the previous year, I was susceptible to new challenge and adventure. When the notice came in the mail, I decided "Yes. Yes I want to train to run the Los Angeles Marathon". I don't know what I was thinking.

I trudged through our Sunday long runs  and didn't run at all during the week like we were instructed. You see, I wasn't a runner. It wasn't until I successfully completed the 2011 LA Marathon (in very very heavy rains and very very cold weather--known as the "Monsoon Year") that I started considering myself a runner and added more running during the week.

On March 31, 2012--this cute guy (above) broke my knee cap in at least three pieces while on a walk. This required surgery and a screw to repair. I was out of commission for 2 months. Obviously, I couldn't run. I also couldn't drive or go to work. I was stuck on the couch for those months.It was not fun. During that time, I vowed to myself that I was going to come back  fitter and stronger than ever. No excuses. I started running again in August of that year and haven't looked back. 

This blog will document my life journey. Not only as a runner, as I attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon (update: did it! in 2016),  but as a baker, a reader (2015 goal: read 75 books 2017 goal: read 99 books), a partner to my husband. And doing it all, without a doubt, perpetually rungry. 

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