Monday, February 22, 2016

OMG! It's here already!

Today's the day! I'm excited to start my first training cycle of 2016. I'm training for the OC 1/2 Marathon. I'm using McMillan Running training plan that is included as a perk to Strava Premium members. 

  • My 'A' Goal: run < 1:45
  • My 'B' Goal: run <1:47:48
  • My 'C' Goal: run <1:49:19
I may be a bit ambitious with my time goals because I am still working on getting back into running shape after my injury. But I'm #womanup2016 and I'm feeling strong. 

Last week I ran the first half of the LA Marathon (purposely DNF'd the full) to determine my baseline fitness. I ran it in 1:56:40. This is without training for a half-marathon and with lots of walking. I walked every waterstop, even some un-official ones. I couldn't tell the difference after awhile and honestly, looked forward to the break. I also walked the steep hills. This tells me that my speed is there, but my running endurance is not. 

My last-ditch 'D' goal for the race then is to re-gain my running endurance. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

My USA 10k race debut

With Dani, pre-race. She came in 3rd
for her age-group!
Until this past Sunday, I have never raced a 10k in the United States. My only prior experience with racing this distances was the Newton Aycliffe 10K in the UK (while on vacation in England). Yesterday's race also marked my first race in 8 months. My first race post-injury, post-physical therapy rehab, post-glute strengthening. 

Although I came in first for my age-group and 4th overall female, I did not race strong. I could have pushed myself; I quit too easily. It was a hard course with a continuous steep incline for the first 1 1/2 miles and another hill from 2 1/2 to about 4 miles. The kicker was a final steep hill to the finish. This last hill was "only" 1/2 mile, but it was tough. 

My official time for the race is 52:16 with an average pace of 8:26/mile. My "A" goal was to finish in less than 50 minutes. I definitely could have accomplished that with more racing practice. I need to work on my racing legs AND mind. I'm toying with the idea to race at least once a month for practice. I will still have goal races where I push my limits (CIM and OC 1/2 marathon). Do you all do that? Is it a good idea? I just know I need to work on my racing mojo.

2016 Goals Check-in:

  • Courage--I want it more than I fear it. Push, Wendy. You've got this. :)
  • Connect--Running with others at least once a week. Having fun with this! Group runs with friends, running groups and with the soccer parents/kids.
I don't officially start training until the end of this month so for now I am having some fun with my runs. 

January Miles: 119.4 miles