Monday, February 22, 2016

OMG! It's here already!

Today's the day! I'm excited to start my first training cycle of 2016. I'm training for the OC 1/2 Marathon. I'm using McMillan Running training plan that is included as a perk to Strava Premium members. 

  • My 'A' Goal: run < 1:45
  • My 'B' Goal: run <1:47:48
  • My 'C' Goal: run <1:49:19
I may be a bit ambitious with my time goals because I am still working on getting back into running shape after my injury. But I'm #womanup2016 and I'm feeling strong. 

Last week I ran the first half of the LA Marathon (purposely DNF'd the full) to determine my baseline fitness. I ran it in 1:56:40. This is without training for a half-marathon and with lots of walking. I walked every waterstop, even some un-official ones. I couldn't tell the difference after awhile and honestly, looked forward to the break. I also walked the steep hills. This tells me that my speed is there, but my running endurance is not. 

My last-ditch 'D' goal for the race then is to re-gain my running endurance. 


  1. I have the free Strava account and I'm really liking it (I got it after joining Volee). I had no idea the pro accounts included plans! Pretty cool. Also, you're awesome. I wish I could run a half in 1:56 with walk breaks. Someday! ;)