Monday, July 27, 2015

{base training: week 8} My base is BUILT

In case you have not figured it out, this week is my last base building week. Next week I start FULL-ON marathon training. I feel strong and I'm ready to rock. 
And I just found out that Nate the Great, a local friend and Ragnar teammate just registered for CIM 26.2! I'm excited to have a local friend training for the same race.

Last week was full of travel running/runcation activities and I only ran once in my usual locale. The first part of the week I was in San Jose with Paul to follow Manchester United on their pre-season tour in the United States. We were lucky enough to stay in the team hotel. I grew up in San Jose and was able to meet up with friends. I also was lucky enough to meet up with Paulette, fellow Oiselle VolĂ©e teammate and blogger, TWICE. Once for beer and once for a group run at Rancho San Antonio. I'm definitely running there when I return for my high school reunion later this year. 

Paul and I flew home on Wednesday. The very next day I traveled to Scottsdale for a fabulous girls' resort weekend. Running in July in AZ was HOT (even at 6 am temps were mid-80's), so I would run 3 miles outside and then move inside and run 4 miles on the treadmill. 

Although travel running is loads of fun, I'm glad to be home to sleep in my own bed (& recover dry-out/detox).

Base-Training: Week 8

Goal Mileage: 40+

Monday: 1.4 mile warm-up jog + tabata
Tuesday: 4.5 miles on treadmill + cycle class
Wednesday: 6-7 miles 10.8 miles, Yasso 800s speed work on track
Thursday: 8 miles+ 5 x 20 second strides 4.4 miles treadmill + cycle class+ TRX
Friday: 1 mile warm-up + tabata + 4 miles easy + TRX 1 mile run with Nani
Saturday: 5 miles 6.4 mile run with Nani + TRX Rip Trainer cert course
Sunday: 11-14 miles long run 1.2 mile warm-up, 5.3 miles track work out with the Lab Rats, 0.6 mile run to meet weekly mileage goal

Total Mileage: 40 miles

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