Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the path taken: reflections on 2015

Trail running between Grasmere and Ambleside:
The Lake District, Cumbria, England December 2015
I've been mulling over my 2016 goals, as people are wont to do this time of year, and I have ideas and notions on what I want to achieve. Before I put pen to paper, I want to reflect on the year that was--which is somewhat strange for me. Usually, I just charge forward with the new year and new goals. I think it's because on first glance it looked like I failed big time and did not achieve any of my 2015 run goals:

  • Run 2,015 miles in 2015
  • Run a sub-1:45 half-marathon
  • Run a sub-4:00 marathon
Reviewing my stats for the year, has helped me reframe my failures into progress: *I always feel a bit weird writing lists like this because it feels a bit like boasting and showing off, but really listing things like this pulled me out of bit of depressive funk because of my injury*
  • In 2015, I ran 1,712 miles. In 2014, I ran 1,102 miles. Over 600 miles more!
  • I ran my first full marathon since I broke my kneecap in 2012. It took me over 2 years to finally register and run a race this distance. I'm still not comfortable with it, but I did it!
  • I set personal records in all race distances I attempted:
  • 1/2 Marathon: 1:47:38 (Surf City, Feb 2015) 
  • Marathon: 4:24:09 (LA Marathon, March 2015) 
  • 5K: 22:44 (PossAbilities, April 2015)  
  • Not only did I PR in a 5K, I won it! First place, overall female. And as a prize, won some cash--enough for a new pair of running shoes, a marathon race registration and a couple of GUs.
  • I learned I have weak glutes, especially my right side (the side with the broken kneecap). But because of this, I am working with a kick-ass physical therapist who has been challenging me and torturing me with exercises that will only make me stronger and more well-rounded.
  • I met a lot of strong, awesome Oiselle Volée teammates throughout the year for group runs, Ragnar Wasatch Back, cowbell corners and of course, brunch. Oh, and even a NFL fantasy football league (ha ha). 
  • I was selected to be an ambassador for Nuun and joined the team.
  • In December, Paul and I were able to travel to England for most of the month where I was able to enjoy some breath-taking, gorgeous and pain-free running (I tried to run or walk at least 3 miles everyday while there, never running more than 2 days in row).
For 2016, I will still have some goals related to distance and time (#womanup2016). I also want to run more with others and participate in more group runs. To that end, I'll become active with my two local run groups again and participate in the #runlovechallenge with my friend, Dani. We've already decided to run together Monday mornings before strength training. I'll also make sure to continue my PT work, yoga/pilates, stretch and sleep. 

Right now these are all nebulous ideas floating around my head and I'm still a bit jet-lagged from my trip, but I'll formalize them soon. 

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  1. You kicked some serious trash in 2015! Amazing! I'm still fleshing out #womanup2016 too. :)