Monday, February 6, 2017

LA Marathon Training Recap, Week 6

In retrospect, last week's DNF was the right move and it was also the turning point in my recovery and moving forward. It took about 2 months, but I finally feel recovered from CIM.  Also, I made a decision about the LA Marathon. I  was never planning on racing it--too close to CIM--but I do/did think I would be able to set a course PR. Instead, I've decided to pace my running partner and friend, Dani, to her first marathon
The Rose Bowl loop (5k) is fun!
finish. It took me a while to come to this decision because I wanted the course PR and I also wanted to start in one of the seeded corrals (instead of the general mass/chaos). I remembered my first marathon--Los Angeles--and how I ran it by myself and I had no friends or family to cheer me--I don't want anyone to experience that. I threw off my selfish desires and told Dani I would pace her. 
  • Monday: Barre Class + physical therapy exercises
  • Tuesday: 6 miles, easy + 4x100m strides and drills
  • Wednesday: Cycle class + weight-lifting (squats, deadlifts, box jumps)
    Running track in the dark
  • Thursday: Track Thursday! The local high school track has been closed a lot lately due to rain, but it was open this week. It was a fun work out. (5.1 miles total)
10 minute warm-up, 5 minutes at marathon pace (8:45/mi),1 min easy pace; 4 minutes at marathon pace (8:44/mi),1 min easy pace; 3 minutes at half-marathon pace (8:20/mi), 1 min easy pace; 2 minutes at 10k pace (7:50/mi), 1 min easy pace; 1 minute at 5k pace (7:15/mi), 1 min easy; 10 minute cool-down
I told Coach Becki that I loved this workout and she said she's glad I like it because it is one of her staples in half-marathon/marathon build ups. 
  • Friday: Tabata (burpees), Pilates, TRX class
  • Saturday: 45-50 minutes easy run (5.4 miles). Started with Redlands Runegades for part of their route.
  • In front of the "Father of the Bride" house
  • Sunday: Long Run. Another Oiselle Volée LA Marathon training Flight Club run. This time in Pasadena. (13.8 miles)

I'm feeling good and had a solid week of training. I have my eyes and heart set on Chicago Marathon and will be using the Los Angeles Marathon as another step towards that goal. 

Week 6 Miles: 30.3 miles
2017 Miles: 116 miles

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  1. So kind of you to pace your friend - I'd love to have a friend pace me for a marathon - that's amazing! Glad you had a great week!

  2. You had a solid week! Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you have fun with your friend at the LA marathon!