Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 Los Angeles Marathon in pictures

Goal: Get Dani to the Finish Line. I've never paced anyone,
let alone for a full marathon. Yikes.

Oiselle Volee GTG at Expo. Jess, to the right of Cardboard Kara helped me sneak
Dani into Corral C so we would have a bit more room to move at the start.

Pre-race Dinner: Veggie Burger, Fries and Beer
have never let me down. I didn't do anything differently. ;)

My name! On a sign! Dani had a lot of superfans
on the course! (I'm importing my own superfans for Chicago--who wants to come?)

We had a ton of fun! High-fiving kids and attempting to hit
every Power-Up sign (I love those things)

Beer me! I pre-arranged with Carolyn, SoCal Volee leader to have
cold beer at the Oiselle Cheer location (btw miles 23-24).
Best idea ever.

Powering to the finish

She finished! With a smile on her face!

How long until BRUNCH?

They found us! Finish line chaos.

Brunch at WeHo Bistro

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