Friday, October 30, 2015

Five for Friday

Nani, practicing for our midnight run
It's Friday! It's Halloween weekend! Let's hope for lots treats and not too many tricks, unless they are funny. I figured it's about time I write a Friday Five.  

1. Running! I'm easing back into running. Slowly increasing mileage. I'm not 100% and still have some pain. It's getting better AND I'm feeling my butt more during my runs. Which leads to...

2. PT and BANDS OF HELL exercises. I'm still doing these everyday. They still suck...but, butt! I'm feeling my glutes more in everyday activities. The exercises are hard but they are working. 

3. Spooky Halloween Midnight Run tonight! Nani and I are joining a group of local runners for a 6 mile run starting exactly at midnight tonight. Also, joining are some of my Lab Rats Ragnar teammates...

Do you Yeti? Right out the box, over my
work clothes. 

4. Next weekend I'm running Ragnar Las Vegas for the third time. I can't wait for the van stories and highjinks! And I'm excited to wear my...

5. YETI. I finally ordered and received Oiselle's Yeti. So comfy, so warm. Living in Southern California, I haven't felt the need to buy one the last couple years. We're going to England for most of December and I felt our vacation is the perfect excuse. Plus it does get a bit cold here.;) This year's version is not available yet, but I was able to buy one during a pre-holiday Friends and Family sale. It was the ONE item I was hoping they would have available for the sale and they did! Score!


  1. How cute do you look in your yeti?? I hope you have a great time at Ragnar Las Vegas!!

  2. The yeti looks great! Been loving all the posts online. Hope you had a fun Halloween run. Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run