Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hitting Reset

After asking my physical therapist for the eleventhy millionest time yesterday for reassurances that I'm not a lost cause, that people with glutes as weak as mine do comeback and do comeback stronger, I'm starting to believe. 

When I can't run, my ever-present but usually latent trolls of self-doubt emerge in full-force. It doesn't help that the stuff I'm not good or natural at--the things I ignored, are the things I'm now starting to forced to address (in a good way!). I sit way too much at work. I have a long commute. Butt and hip strengthening band exercises suck and are hard (but seem to be working!-->I've progressed to the next set of prescribed exercises). Pilates is torture, but great for injury prevention. I never had time for it before injury and now I realize that "not having time" is just an excuse. I always I have time. It's all about priorities. I had that light bulb moment walking into work this morning.

With all this jumble in my head and not having the ability to run loooooong (miss my long runs) to clear my mind, it is perfect timing that this week in my Believe Training Journal I reached the Hit Reset section. The Believe In Rest & Rejuvenation section. 

This section is really about allowing yourself proper recovery from daily and weekly training with proper nutrition, rest and developing a prehab habit and a stretch routine. But it also speaks to me as I recover from injury and helps me focus my efforts. As I mentioned above, I've started taking Pilates. Jill, Movement Coach and owner at The Energy Lab (the fitness studio I attend), has always said that Pilates is great prehab and is her number 1 secret for injury prevention. I finally subscribed to Jasyoga. It rocks. It's a great way to reset and my body feels awesome after finishing a video. 

I'm not a lost cause, because as my PT told me, "You're motivated and you do the work." And that's always been me. I'm consistent and I learn from my mistakes. I was ignorant and/or maybe overly-confident but I've learned my lesson and am working towards a stronger, more well-rounded me. 


  1. Subscribing to Jasyoga is HIGH on my list of to dos as well. I don't know why I have not sucked it up and done it yet...

  2. Add me to the list with Emily. I actually wrote in my Believe Journal this week that the "something new I'd like to try in training" is to make time for Jasyoga.