Tuesday, April 12, 2016

{weeks 7 and 8} at this point I just want to be able to run

At the Foothill 5k finish line
It's now been 9 days and counting since I've been able to run {sad trombone}. I was looking forward to last week because it was a scheduled recovery week with lower mileage and scaled-back hard runs. It has ended up becoming a week on NO RUNNING.

Earlier in the month, I was walking down the stairs at home (in the dark) and missed the last step. I landed hard with my right foot. Although shaken, I didn't feel an injury so I carried on with my activities. As the week progressed, especially after Thursday's 10 mile run with tempo intervals, I really started to feel something (bruised heel? sprained ankle? broken bone?). The pain was localized on the inner part of my side heel. Hmm...

Then Friday, April 1st (joke's on me) happened and my husband tried to pick me up in an awkward way. We heard a CRACK (snap). It didn't hurt at the time, but slowly the pain built and I started suspecting a bruised/broken rib on my left side. I immediately googled "running with a bruised/broken rib" and found out it is possible to continue running as long as your form doesn't change. However, it will be difficult to take deep breaths. Easy running is okay; sprinting/racing will be hard. Hmm...

On to Sunday's Carlsbad 5000. I was looking to this race and meeting up with my Oiselle Volée friends. No way was I missing this. So I raced. I had to stop at the midway water stop to catch my breath. I never stop or even get water during a 5k. Also, my heel/ankle really started bothering me. I finished in 24:29 which is slower than I wanted but it is faster than my most recent 5k a couple of weeks ago. After I finished, it hurt to walk and breathe. 

Carlsbad 5000-the last time
I ran this month

On Monday, I went to the doctor. Both my chest and foot x-rays were negative. It turns out I don't have a broken rib, but have torn rib cartilage. Apparently, it's treated the same as a broken rib. Same pain. Same length of recovery (6 weeks). Same treatment (Motrin and ice). Sigh. But what really bugs me is my "sprained ankle" (for lack of a better diagnosis). I could run easy with my rib thing. Can't run at all with my foot thing. 

View from the Foothill 5k trail

This past Sunday, I joined some Oiselle Volée team mates for the Foothill Challenge 5k. It was meant to be my entry into trail racing, but I ended up walking it in about an hour. Although it was depressing to not be able to run, it was great having my friends wait for me to cheer me in at the finish line. 

To end on a better note, I went to physical therapy last week and my glutes and legs are strong! My single-leg squats on an upside down BOSU are getting closer to perfection! I've also been going to a sports chiropractor for ART on my tight IT bands. My legs have been feeling a lot better. I feel like my legs and glutes are primed and will be ready to go once I can start running again. I need to re-assess my goals for the OC 1/2 marathon, but I'm okay with that. I just want to be able to run. 

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  1. I'm glad to hear your legs are feeling better but so sorry to hear about your foot and rib cartilage issues - the rib thing in particular sounds very painful! Sending healing vibes your way!

    Carlsbad 5000 is on my bucket list - looks like an awesome race!