Thursday, April 28, 2016

{weeks 9 & 10} It's race week!

Just a quick update...and dealing with 3 non-running related injuries. Or in other words, I've unintentionally tapered for 4 weeks for a half-marathon on Sunday, May 1st. In this break, I finally got smart and last week stopped ALL exercise/activity (even my glute exercises!) for a week--not just running. 

I've started back running this week with low miles (no ankle pain!) and on Sunday I will run not race the OC 1/2 Marathon. Ten or so years ago I used to run one 1/2 marathon a year without training for it. I wasn't a runner and it was a challenge to myself. 

After this race, my goal is to get as strong and healthy as I can so when I start serious marathon training in August I'll be good go!

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  1. Wait, 3 injuries?! Rib, ankle and something else? :( I hope you feel better soon!