Tuesday, June 6, 2017

123 Days until Chicago Marathon!

This coming week marks the start of my strength building phase in my training for the Chicago Marathon. And, oh boy, do I need to build strength. On Sunday, I raced the San Diego Rock n Roll Half-Marathon. I knew I wasn't in PR shape. I only had a month of training under my belt and my longest run was 10 miles. My original plan was to treat the race as a large group long run. As the date of the race drew closer and as I started feeling that I was back in running shape, I started believing that maybe I could run the half in 1:49ish (my PR is 1:47). Working with my coach, the plan was for me to start conservatively (8:45/mi or so) and run by instinct the first 10 miles and build into a 8:20-8:30/mile overall pace and race to the finish the last 3 miles. 

I started the race feeling strong. At 2 miles I could tell this was going to be a warm race.  At the 5k split my average pace was 8:45/mi and then I pretty much kept that the rest of the race. I could not kick it into gear and go fast the last 3 miles. Those miles were tough. I finished under 1:55 (barely, official time 1:54:55 with an overall pace of 8:46/mi). Although initially I was disappointed with my result, I pretty much ran my goal marathon pace for 13.1 miles with only a month of training. My coach said: "This is great fitness going into some more stringent training! You'll get stronger!".
Half-Marathon #18 in the books!

Oiselle Volee Pre-Race Dinner

Base-Building Week 5

Monday: 4 miles easy with strides/drills (4.4 miles, 9:34/mi); 30 minutes Yoga and 30 minutes Insanity Fit Test (Yikes).

Tuesday: 3 miles easy (3.1 miles, 9:48/mi); 1 hour personal training + 30 minutes Yoga.

Wednesday: 2 miles easy, 6 x 2 minutes at goal Half effort, 2 minutes jog, 1 mile easy (6.1 miles, 9:24/mi). Jasyoga: Workout Day Warm Up + 30 minutes Yoga. 

Thursday: Off. 30 minutes Pilates + 30 minutes Yoga.

Friday: 5 miles easy (5.0 miles, 9:38/mi). 30 minutes Tabata + 20 minutes Yoga. 1 hour massage.

Saturday: Easy 2 miles with strides (2.0 miles, 9:01/mi) + 30 minutes Yoga.

Sunday: San Diego RNR Half-Marathon. 1 mile warm-up jog (10:43/mi) + race. I didn't run the tangents well, so I actually ran 13.2 miles (8:39/mi). Jasyoga: Optimal Hip Reset. 

Total Weekly Miles: 34.9 miles (5 hours, 22 minutes)
Total Cross-Training/Pre-Hab: 6 hours, 45 minutes
2017 Miles: 501 miles

Post-Race Beer Festival
Now that I'm back to training, I've rejoined the training link up on Eat Pray Run DC. See the link up HERECourtney just started training for the Berlin Marathon. :) 


  1. Love it. And your coach is right. You are gonna be so fit for Chicago. Did you by chance meet my buddy (and Oiselle NC teammate) Julie at the race Sunday? I'm not sure she did any team items so you might not have caught her. Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on RnRSD! I ran that race last year and had so much fun! I'm also training for the Chicago Marathon and hoping for a PR this Fall!