Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A freak foot injury results in a training intermission

I last ran two weeks ago today. On that day, during my workout (alternating pace progressive tempo, total of 10 miles) the top of my right foot started to hurt. By the time I finished, I couldn't walk. 

Since then, I've been to a medical doctor, my physical therapist and my sports chiropractor. A stress fracture has been mostly ruled out. The theory now is that my shoes--Brooks PureCadence--were too tight and I also tied my shoelaces too tight the morning of my injury. I've learned that the latest PureCadence model has been running about 1/2 too small. I love my Brooks and have worn PureCadence for years. It now seems I will have to give them up. 

I'm working with my coach and we are maintaining my aerobic fitness using the elliptical machine and cycle. And because 90 minutes on an elliptical machine is boring as heck, I'm working on my mental strength. Bonus!

I tried running this past Monday, but stopped less than a minute in because my foot hurt. I'm trying to be positive and not letting go of my goals.
I know I can run a half-marathon (race day=Sept 10) and a marathon (Oct 8) with sub-optimal training and do well. I'm strong, aerobically fit and my mental strength is a lot better than it was last year. Hitting my paces and having awesome workouts that I never believed I could do has helped that. 

This injury seemingly came out of nowhere. I was feeling fine, no nagging pains or niggles before my foot started hurting. To achieve big goals, you have to take risks and sometimes you get too close to the sun. 

We leave for England soon and that has been a magical place for me to come back from injury in the past.  As Kara Goucher says, "Always believe". 

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