Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 14: Chicago Marathon Training

A quick and dirty low-down on last week's training for the Chicago Marathon. I found out my request to switch to Wave 1 (based on my half-marathon race results) was approved. All that means is an earlier start (by 30 minutes).

I also ran my first 20 miler of this training cycle. This weekend I'm headed for Las Vegas for a Hen Party (bachelorette party, the bride and bridesmaids are flying in from England), I'm curious to see how I do with my training.


Week 14 (July 31-August 6)

Monday: 5 miles, easy (5.5 miles, 9:21/mi).

Tuesday: 8 miles, easy (8.0 miles, 9:42/mi). 

Wednesday: 2 miles warm-up, 3 x 2 miles @8:15-8:20/mi, 800 meter jog, 1 mile cool-down. Ugh. I blew-up the last set, but overall did okay. Nailed the first two sets. 5th work mile I had to stop. Coach Becki told me that was A-Ok. Last work mile was 7:59/mi though. (Avg pace for 2 miles--8:12/mi, 8:14/mi, 8:09/mi) Total miles=10.5 miles, 8:55/mi.

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 10 miles, easy (10.0 miles, 9:53/mi) + my periodic physical therapy appointment to keep things right.

Saturday: 20 mile long run. Oh boy, running 20 miles the day after running 10 miles really teaches me how to run on tired legs! Friends joined me for the first 10 miles or so. (20.0 miles, 9:56/mi).
I forgot my sunglasses when I started my 20 mi
long run at 4:45 am.

Sunday: 6 miles, easy (6.2 miles, 9:14/mi). Surprisingly, my legs didn't feel as tired. Maybe because I was in San Diego and a new running location. 

Total Weekly Miles: 60.2 miles (9 hours, 37 minutes)
2017 Miles: 928.5 miles 

I've joined the training link up on Eat Pray Run DC. See the link up HERECourtney is training for the Berlin Marathon. :)


  1. 60 miles!!!! You are just killing it. I'm so so excited for you, friend. Have fun :)

  2. Awesome week of miles and congrats on that 20 miler! I hope that you have a great time this weekend :)