Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday 5: Last Friday in June!

1. It's game night tonight at our house, where we provide food and drink. And maybe some games get played. I really want to do THIS with our guests. What's your favorite board or card game?

2. Starting to train again, means more focus on nutrition and macro-nutrient timing. Which for me means making sure I get enough protein in the morning so I'm not hungry all day. This is my current favorite breakfast.

3. I'm drinking water nonstop these days because it is so darn hot. 

4. Track! I heart track workouts and we headed back to the track after a long hiatus this week. After a horrible couple of days at work, it felt great to hit the track with a couple of friends and CRUSH the workout.

5. My new Sketchers GoRun Forza. I'm in love with these shoes. I've been a Brooks purist for ages, but with my recent spate of injuries, I needed something with a bit more support than the PureCadence. I decided to try these and I'm so very happy with my decision.

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