Monday, June 27, 2016

{week 2} Chasing the shade and beating the heat

With hometown temperatures regularly hitting triple digits, it's all about chasing the shade, beating the heat and drinking boatloads of water. My first week of training for the Santa Rosa 1/2 Marathon went well. I hit my mileage goal. I had a great track session which really helped me set the tone for this training cycle. Coming back from injury I always have worries and self-doubt about my abilities and crushing a workout does wonders. 

In my heart, I wanted to do my long run with my running group on Saturday, but we hosted a party on Friday night. My mind knew that there was no way I was waking up at 3:45 am (for the early group) or even 5 am (for the regular group), so I rescheduled my long run for Sunday. It was a tough run. I probably started too late for the heat, ~6:15 am. My legs were beat. I was tired. I planned for 12 miles, but felt finished at 10 miles. It was very hot and because I hit 10 miles next to a coffee shop I thought it was a good place to stop, text my husband to pick me up (I wasn't going to walk 3 miles home!) and buy an iced coffee. Paul didn't answer my text which meant he wasn't awake so I decided to continue my run. I ended up running 12.5 miles, more than planned!--and using mobile order during my walk cool-down to have my iced coffee waiting for me.  Although, the run sucked I felt good about finishing it and I know runs like this one help increase running strength and stamina. 

This week I'm focusing on prehab. I'm working through Erin Taylor's Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes book. I'm already a fan and subscriber to her amazing Jasyoga videos, I just need to make it a habit!

Week Two Training Plan

Monday, June 27: 2-3 miles easy (9:13-10:09/mile)
Tuesday, June 28: 5 miles easy (9:13-10:09/mile) 
Wednesday, June 29: 3-5 miles easy (9:13-10:09/mile) 
Thursday, June 30: 6 miles with intervals (3x400 btw 1:46-1:52, 2x600 btw 2:42-2:51, 2x400 btw 1:46-1:52 + w/u & c/d)
Friday, July 1: Rest or cross-train
Saturday, July 2: 3-4 miles easy (9:13-10:09/mile)
Sunday, July 3: 10 miles long run (9:15-10:33/mile)

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  1. Oh wow, 3:45 am is definitely an early start for a run! Yesterday it got to the high 80s here which is super hot for me...triple digits would be just unreal for long runs!