Friday, July 1, 2016

TGIF + Long Weekend: Friday 5

1. I'm starting the Yoga Where You Go Challenge today! Goal: at least 5 
minutes of yoga every day in July. I'm a big Jasyoga and Erin Taylor fan. I love the videos and I'm working my way through the Hit Reset book. Making this a daily habit will help me RUN! #jasyogajuly

2. My Run! playlist on Spotify. I've created a playlist of only songs with "run" or "running" in the lyrics. What songs am I missing?

3. OMG. It's HOT! and it's only the second week of summer.

4. Nutrition. Learning more about it. I eat healthy, but want to go to the next level. Power up! Am I eating too much protein? Am I eating at the right times? About to start reading: The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition: A Cutting-Edge Plan to Fuel Your Body Beyond "the Wall" - by Matt Fitzgerald. 

5. Olympic Track & Field Trials start today in Eugene, OR. Getting ready to fangirl and cowbell like crazy! {from home :(} Oiselle has 14 sponsored athletes competing at the trials: HERE for details. Follow #totallytrials16 to see all the shenanigans! Sorry I'm missing it.

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