Monday, June 22, 2015

{base training: week 3}

Two lessons learned during week two

One: I need to run/train at elevation more often.
Two: Hills. Do more hills. Do more hills on trails.

I'm still buzzing from Ragnar Wasatch Back. I'm still in awe of the strong women of the Bird Machine (3rd place in women open division).

I upgraded to Strava Premium (although the free version still rocks). Now my runs receive a suffer score which rates how hard I worked. My Ragnar runs were rated Extreme and Epic

Base-Training: Week Two Recap

Monday4.3 miles recovery run (using heart rate monitor, bpm <143. This is hard, especially when running uphill.)
Tuesday4.3 miles easy run on treadmill
Wednesday6.5 miles speedworkprobably fartleks pre-race workout on track 
Thursday6 miles + 4 x 20-second strides
FridayRagnar Wasatch Back 1st leg-7.2 miles, hill run
Saturday: Ragnar Wasatch Back 2nd & 3rd legs-9.6 miles + 4 x 20-second strides & 3.1 miles
Sunday: Rest or 3 mile easy run HA! What was I thinking? I rested like a champ.
Total Mileage: 41.2 miles

Week 3 is unusual because I am off work Monday-Wednesday  to catch up on sleep and recover from the weekend. Moving from the track to the road for this week's speed work. 

Base-Training: Week Three

Goal Mileage: 44 miles

Monday: 5 miles recovery run with Nani
Tuesday: 6 miles run with Nani + sleep late
Wednesday: 7 miles with three miles at tempo + sleep late
Thursday: 4.4 miles + Cycle class
Friday: 1.0 mile warm-up jog, Tabata class, 4.3 treadmill miles 8x30 seconds @ 6% incline, Cycle class. 5 miles, hills
Saturday: 4.0 miles easy run with Nani + Cycle class
Sunday: 13.0 miles with 8 x 2 min hard/2 min easy

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  1. Yes your runs were extreme and epic!! OK, now I think I may need to get on the Strava Premium bandwagon too to see that kind of info.

    It was so great running with you this weekend Wendy. You truly are a strong and inspiring athlete. You rocked out there!