Thursday, June 4, 2015

GEAR: Stuff that rocks my {run} world

Last week's post dealt with my favorite fuel for running. This week I'm writing about the stuff.

Garmin Forerunner 220

Let me count the ways I heart this watch. One: It has the perfect level of functionality for me. It's not missing anything and I pretty much use all its functions. Two: Quick pick up of GPS signal. I'm not left waiting waiting waiting. Three: Bluetooth automatically uploads to my phone. Four: On the fly interval programming or I can upload workouts I design. This is especially helpful for track workouts. It's hard to keep count sometimes. Five: Ability to turn off GPS for treadmill use or for other indoor workouts. On the treadmill, the built in accelerometer is able to keep track of mileage. For cycle classes and other indoor classes, I can use it as a standard heart rate monitor. Six: Alerts. I can set up alerts for heart rate or pace. I've been using heart rate alerts to practice even-effort runs or to help me stick to recovery run paces and not push myself during scheduled recovery/easy run days. I use pace alerts for some intervals or during races. Seven: Easy charging and long battery life. I charge my watch once a week or so. It comes with a USB charger that fits into a standard iPhone plug. 
And other little things like size, screen etc make it a great purchase. It took me a while to finally decide and buy it six months ago, but I've been very happy with it.

Brooks PureCadence

To give you an indication about my level of appreciation for these shoes: I just ordered my 8th pair. I started wearing them at version 2 and I'm now on version 4. I buy a new pair every 3-4 months. I don't really pay attention to mileage and use feel to gauge when I need new shoes. To me they feel like I'm running on a cloud--comfy enough but I can still feel the road. I notice my feet more when it's time to buy a new pair. They are a minimalist type shoe but still offer a bit of support for mild overpronation. 
These shoes are not for everyone and they have an adjustment period. I've read that they run narrow so they don't work if you have wide feet or if you need more support. I use PureCadence as my daily run trainers, for easy and long runs. 

In general, I do like Brooks Pure Project line of shoes. I use PureConnect for speed and track workouts and for races. PureGrit for trail runs. 

Oiselle Rogas and Pockito Running Shorts

It was love at first Roga--shorts that don't poof with a super-comfortable yoga-style waist band--for me. So I bought a second pair. And then I tried the Mac Roga, the shorter little sister of the original. I fell in love again. So I bought a second pair. And a third pair {pictured}.
Most recently, Oiselle released the Toolbelt Roga and I fell head-over-heels.  It's the same seam-length as the Roga. It has what the previous two lack--pockets galore! Three (3!) open pockets outside the back waistband, perfect for GUs, my phone, Kleenex, Picky Bar.  One back zip pocket--for cash, keys or DL/ATM--and one front internal pocket. It's perfect for my long runs. I only wish there was a more diverse color selection for the Toolbelts.  The Pockito, as it's name implies, also is pocket-ful.  It has two back zippered pockets and two open pockets on the front. In case you haven't realized, I love pockets. Super-lightweight and breathable, make it perfect for hot summer runs.  In terms of seam length, it's little longer than the Mac Roga and a little shorter than the Roga. In case you lost count, thats 6 Rogas and 1 Pockito. It's only through utmost restraint that I haven't bought another Toolbelt or Pockito. Maybe you can buy some and I can live vicariously through you?

What gear do you like?

Coming up in a future post....activities! My favorite ways to move. 

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