Monday, June 29, 2015

Valuing sleep, but OMG the HEAT.{base-training: week 4}

Sleep. I need it. I don't get enough of it. I go to sleep too late and wake up too early. If I get 6 hours that's a good night, but usually it's less than that. When I was writing out my goals for 2015, improving my sleep habits was one of them. 

For most of this year, I haven't done much to improve my sleep. Bed by 11 pm each night has been the extent of it. Usually my alarm goes off and I wake up before 5 am, meaning less than 6 hours of sleep. In the last month or so, I've dusted off my sleep goal and decided I need to rest like a champion. A full-time job with a longish commute and family/home/social obligations don't leave a lot of opportunities for training and sleep (nothing unique). The last month or so on days I don't have work or the weekend when I don't have early plans, I've been sleeping in (for me this means 7 am). This also means I'm starting my morning runs later and OMG the heat. 

The heat of summer to not bother or concern me. I would wake up early and be done with my run before the sun was out. Now that I'm valuing sleep I have to deal with the heat (and this week the humidity) and make adjustments. I may not run as long or as fast as planned. Yesterday's long run was brutal with lots of stops for water or just stopping to catch my breath. I plan to run after work today (I slept in/rested this morning!) when temperatures are hopefully a little cooler. If not, to the treadmill I go. 

Base-Training: Week Three Recap

Monday: 5 miles recovery run with Nani
Tuesday: 6 miles run with Nani + sleep late
Wednesday: 7 miles with three miles at tempo + sleep late
Thursday: 4.4 miles + Cycle class
Friday: 1.0 mile warm-up jog, Tabata class, 4.3 treadmill miles 8x30 seconds @ 6% incline, Cycle class. 5 miles, hills
Saturday: 4.0 miles easy run with Nani + Cycle class
Sunday: 13.0 miles long run with 8 x 2 min hard/2 min easy

Total Mileage: 44.9 miles

Base-Training: Week Four

Goal Mileage: 46 miles
Monday: 5 miles recovery run (bpm<143) Or not! I took a day off. :)
Tuesday: 4.4 miles + 45 min cycle class
Wednesday: 6.4 miles, 3 x (1000m, 200m) at 1/2marathon pace & 5k pace speedwork on track
Thursday: 7 miles + 4 x 20 second strides 4.5 miles (treadmill) + cycle class + 2.5 miles (treadmill) + TRX class
Saturday: 4 miles easy
Sunday: 14 miles long run with 4 x 20 second strides  10.5 miles long run

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